Special Issue: Call for Papers

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Occupation and society: Global to local perspectives for the future

Following the 2022 inaugural World Occupational Science Conference “Occupation and Society: Global to local perspectives for the future”, the Journal of Occupational Science is calling for papers based on presentations delivered at the conference as well as new submissions relevant to the conference theme.

Special Issue

This theme recognizes that all human engagement in daily occupations occurs within context. Whether occupations are engaged in individually or as part of collectives (e.g., families, neighbourhoods, communities), our understandings of what people need, want, and are expected to do are informed by our respective social contexts.

Both the conference and the special issue aim to encourage knowledge mobilization regarding the complex relations between human occupation and society, understood as a social group characterized by people involved in regular social interaction; who share a spatial or social territory; and/or are governed by the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations.

Occupational engagement is shaped, in part, by the ways that occupations are ‘situated’ (e.g., historically, politically, geographically, etc.). From an occupational science perspective, this special issue will consider theoretical, educational, and research-based papers that provide local to global considerations of the relationship between occupation and society.

Guest editors: Dr. Susan Forwell and Dr. Suzanne Huot

Deadline for paper submission: January 31, 2023