Other Committees

Program Committee

Co-chair: Sarah Kantartzis (Scotland)

Co-chair: Ben Mortenson (Canada)

Committee members: Rebecca Aldrich (USA), Susan Forwell (Canada), Roshan Galvaan (South Africa), Julia Henderson (Canada), Suzanne Huot (Canada), Rodolfo Morrison (Chile), Atieh Razavi Yekta (Canada)

Pre-Conference Committee

Co-chair:  Skye Barbic (Canada)
Co-chair: Krista Glowacki (Canada)

Venue Committee

Co-chair: Katie Lee Bunting (Canada)

Co-chair: Julia Henderson (Canada)

Registration Committee

Tracy Henderson (Canada)

David Tsukada (Canada)

Website, Social Media and Marketing Committee

Co-chair: Jeff Boniface (Canada)

Co-chair: Flora To-Miles (Canada)

Committee members: Atieh Razavi Yekta (Canada), Francesca Piddlesden (Canada)

Social Events Committee

Co-chair: Suzanne Huot  (Canada)

Co-chair: Anne-Cécile Delaisse (Canada)

Accessibility Committee

Co-chair: Laura Bulk (Canada)

Co-chair: Tal Jarus (Canada)

Volunteer Committee

Co-chair: Natasha Damiano (Canada)

Co-chair: Saori Ogura (Canada)

Co-chair: Zoe Bigwood (Canada) 

Sponsorship Committee

Co-chair: Jyothi Gupta (USA)

Co-chair: Lynn Shaw (Canada)

Note: Any organizations interested in providing sponsorship are encouraged to contact us!