4-star accommodation discount ends on Monday July 25

Image of the Family Room at the Sheraton Wall Centre Vancouver

Take advantage of the WOSC 2022 discount and snap up a great room (with a great view) at the conference venue, the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you like to stay in the conference venue during the inaugural World Occupational Science Conference?
  • Be able to conveniently attend presentations, dialogic sessions and more with just the push of an elevator button?
  • Enjoy some of the best panoramic views in Vancouver from the comfort of your room?
  • Get a great deal on a centrally-located, 4-star hotel room with superb amenities?

Our WOSC discount ends on Monday, July 25 at 4pm PST, so please book before then to secure your room.

For more details and the best way to book, visit: https://bit.ly/wosc-accommodations